If you have purchased a ROCK TOOL CO product (hereafter, the “PRODUCT”).

The PRODUCT is commercialized by NORTH COMPANY S.A. (hereafter, the “SUPPLIER”), trading company with registered address in Eibar (Gipuzkoa), C/Barrena, nº11, registered on the Mercantile Registry of Gipuzkoa on volume 2.204, foil 23, sheet SS-17.361 and with VAT number A-20144317, which grants in its favour, as holder (hereafter, the “HOLDER”) of the warranties related to the PRODUCTS identified here below.

The warranties in the present document are the only valid and recognized by the SUPPLIER ones. None of the conditions granted in the different warranty modalities may be extended or modified in any way without the express consent of the SUPPLIER


  1. The SUPPLIER guarantees, for a period of 2 years from the date of purchase, that the PRODUCT is free from manufacturing defects and is suitable for use as textile garment for ordinary use.

  2. To make a valid claim during the legal warranty period, the HOLDER must deliver the PRODUCT to the SUPPLIER or to an authorized distributor (preferably the one from which the PRODUCT was purchased) with its original invoice or receipt with the date of purchase. Claims that do not meet this requirement will not be accepted under warranty.

  3. Once checked the PRODUCT and verified that the warranty exclusions established below do not apply, the SUPPLIER will offer the free reparation or replace of the PRODUCT, at the HOLDER’s choice, unless one of these options results objectively impossible or disproportionate.

  4. In case it is not possible to repair or replace the PRODUCT, the HOLDER will have the right of a price reduction according to the applicable legal previsions or the resolution of the contract at his choice.


  1. The SUPPLIER makes available to the HOLDER and subject to the conditions established below, the extended warranties regulated in this Clause 2, which don’ cancel or replace the legal warranty and which, in its case, are added to it.

  2. Extended warranty of 3 years (hereafter, the “PLUS WARRANTY”):

    • Extension of the legal warranty during the third year beginning from the date of the purchase of the PRODUCT.
    • Priority attention at the authorized point of sale.

  3. Extended warranty of 5 years (hereafter, the "PREMIUM WARRANTY”):

    When contracting the PREMIUM WARRANTY, the HOLDER gets the following benefits temporarily limited to its validity:

    • Benefits included in the PLUS WARRANTY.
    • First free anual review of the PRODUCT by the SUPPLIER’s authorized technic service.
    • 30% discount on the purchase of a new unit of the PRODUCT in case of breakage in an accident during the first year beginning from the date of the purchase of the PRODUCT.
    • 20% discount on the purchase of a new unit of the PRODUCT in case of breakage in an accident from the second year beginning from the date of the purchase of the PRODUCT and till the end of the PREMIUM WARRANTY.
    • During the validity of the PREMIUM WARRANTY you can enjoy a 10% discount on the purchase of any airbag vest through the website www.airbagmotorocktool.com.
  4. Hiring the extended warranties:

    To hire any of the exted warranties, the HOLDER will have to take into account the following previsions:

    In any case, products acquired in extraordinary sales, including, among others, sales declared "in the absence of warranty", liquidations and repaired, used or exhibition products, are excluded from the possibility of contracting extended warranties.

  5. The extended warranties are conditional upon the PRODUCT being checked annually by an authorized service center.


  1. Any damage and/or defects in the PRODUCT will be excluded from the warranties contained in this document (both the legal warranty and the extended warranties) resulting from the following causes:

    • The wear and tear and/or aesthetic deterioration of the PRODUCT and/or its finishes due to normal use.
    • The lack of proper maintenance of the PRODUCT, including the annual checking by an authorized service center.
    • The manipulation, modification and/or reparation of the PRODUCT by the HOLDER or a third party not authorized by the SUPPLIER.
    • The use of the PRODUCT outside or contrary to the instructions and recommendations of the SUPPLIER or for any use other than that the established herein.
    • Use out of the parameters established by the SUPPLIER of the airbag system incorporated in the PRODUCT.
    • Any PRODUCTS that have been purchased from third parties other than the SUPPLIER and/or its authorized distributors.

  2. There are also excluded from the guarantees covered by this document any damage caused to the PRODUCT during transport until delivery to the HOLDER, when it has been purchased through online sales channels. Therefore, it is recommended to verify the PRODUCT purchased through these channels at the time of receipt and, in case of detecting any damage, to record it on the delivery note and communicate it in writing within a maximum period of 24 hours to manage the appropriate claim to the carrier.

  3. The extended warranties are only valid for the HOLDER who originally purchases the PRODUCT, loosing their validity, therefore, in case of transfer of the PRODUCT to a second HOLDER.

  4. In case the PRODUCT was replaced or repaired in application of the extended warranties, the coverage of the extended warranties will only affect to the original PRODUCT, and won’t be automatically extended to the replacement PRODUCT and/or the repaired items.

  5. In any case, the warranties in this document (both the legal warranty and the extended warranties) do not imply the assumption by the SUPPLIER of any responsibility for direct or indirect damages of any kind caused to the HOLDER and/or third parties as a result of (i) the improper use of the PRODUCT; (ii) its lack of use; or (iii) any warranty exclusion contained in this document.


  1. The HOLDER will have access to the warranty service through
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