Can I use the Rock Tool Co. airbag vests with my motorcycle jacket?

You can still wear your usual motorcycle jacket. The airbag vest adapts perfectly to your body, easily fitting over any garment you may be wearing and offering complete freedom of movement. 

Rock Tool Co uses resistant fabrics with designs adapted to any rider, whatever their style, needs or environment, always offering maximum ride comfort to the rider and pillion passenger alike.

Can I wear a Rock Tool Co. motorcycle airbag under my clothing?

No, the Touring Pro, Mirage and Air Pack models have been designed to be worn over normal motorcycle clothing.

How does it work? How long does the airbag take to deploy?

The Rock Tool Co airbag system is very simple and completely mechanical, thereby avoiding all types of electronic faults: The rider's vest or jacket is tethered to the motorcycle by a lanyard and, in the event of an accident, the tension of the lanyard activates a CO2 cartridge which fills the airbag (of course the lanyard disconnects from the rider so that the motorcycle does not drag the rider along in the event of a fall). 

The airbag vest is deployed and filled within 200 to 350 milliseconds, thereby protecting the rider against all types of impacts before they happen.

Can the airbag be accidentally deployed while I'm on my bike or when stopping and getting off?

Thanks to the mechanical activation, the Rock Tool Co. airbags CANNOT be accidentally activated while riding your motorcycle. As the activation is mechanical, a tractive force of at least 20 kilos is required to activate the system that releases the gas from the cartridge.   

However, although unlikely, it IS possible to activate the system if, when getting of your bike, you do not untether the activation system anchored to the motorcycle. Although there is no risk involved, it does mean that you will need to refold the airbag system and replace the cartridge.

If the cartridge is triggered, how much does it cost to replace it?  

 The official Rock Tool Co. Co2 cartridges for airbags are available at the store where you  purchased your Rock Tool Co. airbag vest or through the following website:

informacion airbag motoristas

Can I buy the CO2 cartridge myself or do I need to go through the technical service?

Yes, you can either replace the cartridge by yourself (see instructions in the User's manual), or at the point of sale, or by sending the vest to the Rock Tool Co. technical service.

It is important to ensure that the cartridges are official spares supplied by the Rock Tool Co. This is the only way to guarantee the optimal operation of the system. .  

After an accident, can the vest and airbag be re-used?

This will depend on the damage incurred. The fabrics of the Rock Tool Co airbags are extremely durable, providing outstanding resistance to asphalt abrasion in the event of a fall.

Should an accident cause a rip/tear/abrasion of the vest,then, depending on any other damage, this could be repaired as if it were a technical cordura garment with no airbag.  

In any case, it shall always be necessary to send the airbag to the technical service in order to check that there has been no damage to the chamber.

Torn or damaged airbags cannot be repaired.

It has fulfilled its function by protecting you during the accident and must now be scrapped.

Check the special Rock Tool Co. offers for these cases: if you hand in your damaged vest or jacket , then you will get a discount of up to 30 percent on the same or higher model.  

Can I wash the vest normally?

Users are not permitted to remove the airbag system on the Rock Tool Co vests.

However the cordura exterior fabric on the airbag and the lining can always be washed by hand with neutral soap and cold or lukewarm water. 

If it is necessary to clean the airbag chamber, would it be sufficient to use a damp cloth.

Does the Rock Tool Co. rider airbag system require any maintenance?

The Rock Tool Co. airbags do NOT require any special maintenance or cartridge replacements unless these have been triggered.

In order to guarantee perfect operation, we would recommend an annual inspection of the system. You can do so either at your usual store or through our technical service.

What does the Rock Tool Co motorcycle airbag warranty cover?

The Rock Tool Co warranty covers all types of manufacturing defects for a two year period, for the vest and for the airbag system, chamber and mechanisms. You can click here to request an extension of the legal warranty.

Do not cover the  cartridge, should it be triggered for any reason at all.  

Go to the warranty extension section on this website to enjoy the additional advantages and a warranty with a duration of up to 5 years.

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